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Utah's first feline exclusive day spa

More about cat grooming:

Don't Cats Groom Themselves?

Cats do not groom themselves. They lick their coat. Unfortunately, it has long been believed that a cat licking itself rids the cat of the need of a professional groom. However, consider if we licked ourselves in place of showering and washing our hair. We wouldn't be too clean, would we? And no, there is nothing special about cat saliva that gives it cleansing abilities. In fact, it can be detrimental to a cat's health for it to ingest the dirt and crud that may be caught in its coat, and ingesting shedding hair leads to hair balls. Additionally, cats have especially greasy coats, which in combination with excessive shedding, leads to matts. One small matt, if not removed, will grow unchecked into a larger matt that grows into a larger matt until the cat becomes pelted. Pelting and severe matting cause great discomfort for a cat, restricting movement, pulling and tugging at its skin, and creating sores. Additionally, cats licking themselves, deposits saliva on their coat. Dried saliva is what makes up cat dander, the thing that most people are allergic to.

How Can a Groom Help?

Regular, professional grooming includes a thorough, cleansing bath to eliminate the natural buildup of grease in the coat and remove shedding undercoat. After the bath, a blow dry helps further remove shedding undercoat, leaving your cat feeling, smelling, and looking better than ever!

As beneficial as a groom can be, it is not a one-time solution. A bath will eliminate the grease present in the coat at that time, but the coat will naturally become greasy again. Likewise, a blow-dry will remove undercoat and noticeably reduce shedding for up to several weeks, but the coat will continue to shed. So, to best prevent matting and to keep your kitty clean, a 6 week schedule is recommended for most cats.

The belief that cats hate water is a myth. It is true that some cats enjoy a bath less than others, but most are relaxed by their spa experience. Consider the calming effects of a shampooing from your professional hair stylist, and now imagine an accompanying full-body massage. That's what your cat receives.

Never having been groomed in the past is another common reason owners believe their cat cannot be groomed. Many of the cats that we have handled have not been conditioned to the grooming process. While becoming familiar with everything it entails often helps a cat feel more comfortable during its groom, it is very uncommon for a cat to become overly stressed during its first visit.

Other misconceptions that suggest cats cannot or should not be groomed are just that: misconceptions. Our Certified Feline Master Groomer, Katrina, received hands-on training with the world's leading cat groomers at the only cat-exclusive grooming school in the world. Thus, she has been trained to properly and safely handle even 'fussy' cats.

If your cat is dirty, smelly, greasy, has dandruff, has 'surprises' stuck in its coat, has trouble with hairballs, is shedding, has long nails, or has eye discharge, then a groom is in order! Longhair or shorthair, all cats like to look and feel beautiful. Visit the photo gallery to see more before and after pictures to learn what a difference a groom can make.